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Foster Information

We are always seeking dedicated fosters for our cats and dogs. The more fosters we have, the more animals we can save! If you'd like to be a foster, please click on the Foster Application link to the right, fill out the form, and email it to us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Foster Requirements:

1. Live in pet friendly housing. 

We will call your landlord to verify that you are allowed to have the type and breed of animal that you'd like to foster, in your home. Please note that while we cover most expenses for our animals, we cannot pay your pet deposit or fees.

2. Be prepared to care for the foster animal as if it were your own.

Fostering can be tough work. Most of the animals we take in are unsocialized and untrained. You must be willing to work with the animal to make him/ her more adoptable. This means potty training, basic commands, and socialization.

3. Attend adoption events.

We will have several adoption events throughout the year. We need you to bring your foster pet to these events so that they can been seen and find their forever home. 

4. Be dedicated.

We cannot stress this enough. We need fosters who can handle the good times and the bad. People who won't give up on an animal because they were not prepared or suddenly do not have time. It is not fair to the animals, to have them move around from place to place. Most of these animals need stability and training in order to become adoptable. Please understand that most animals we take in, come straight from the shelter, with multiple issues. As a foster, your job is to work with the animal to help them become adoptable. 

5. Be honest and straightforward.

If you are accepted into our foster parent program and are having issues with an animal or simply need a hand in training, don't be afraid to reach out and ask for help. We are a team and we will do everything we can to help you. 

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